Experienced users, who’ve developed some THC tolerance, will rediscover the feeling of being a newbie smoker. This strain delivers a long-lasting, euphoric high, hitting hard. You won’t mind, though – once under its grip, you’ll desire the journey’s continuation.
Your body will also revel in the pain-free, stress-free state brought by Oreoz. Bid farewell to chronic stress, anxiety, and depression, and embrace happiness, creativity, and uplifting thoughts. If social anxiety plagues you, Oreoz will swiftly have you chatting, laughing, and relaxing.
Oreoz exerts equal force on your mind and body, gaining potency with each dose. Most users describe it as a unique blend of relaxed energy.
You won’t be running marathons or crushing to-do lists, but you won’t be stuck on the couch either. Instead, you’ll be calm, relaxed, and peaceful, with moderate focus and functionality.
Physically, a tingling sensation will spread through your body, with a weight behind your eyes – a perfect combination to lull you to sleep when ready. In addition to insomnia and restless sleep, Oreoz works wonders for stomach issues.

Oreoz has an exquisite terpene profile dominated by caryophyllene. There are a lot of other terpenes that this deliciously-tasting strain contains including phellandrene, α-Bisabolol, humulene, limonene, and myrcene.

Strain Effects: Hungry .Relaxed .Happy